Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy for People and Pets

A form of hands on, complementary, bodywork involving light, rolling touches on specific parts of the body. With the aim of encourage rebalancing and thus the healing of physical aches and pains as well as increasing mobility and feelings of well-being.


I believe that Bowen enables the body to recognise where its habitual holding patterns need to change to allow the healing process to start.

Physical conditions I have successfully assisted include:

  • Musculoskeletal pain
  • Chronic back pain and sciatica
  • Neck and shoulder issues
  • Knees, feet and ankle issues
  • Headaches
  • Sports injuries and performance
  • Posture improvement/li>
  • Pregnancy issues


What to expect from my Bowen session:

In a calm and relaxing environment I will ask you confidentially about your medical history and discuss the reasons for your visit, to ensure I can tailor the session to your individual needs.

Your first session, is likely to be 60 minutes with follow up treatments lasting 45 minutes. The amount of work done within a session will be determined by your condition. Fit and healthy clients will be able to receive more; those suffering with Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or chronic pain may only receive a few moves each time as they build their resilience. Babies and young children often don’t need much work at all as their body’s response rate appears to be much faster.

In your Bowen session you can either lie on a couch or, alternatively, be seated if this is more comfortable for you.

Bowen work is carried out through light clothing, plus according to your preference; you will be covered appropriately with blankets. I will offer your body a series of gentle, non- invasive, rolling moves across very particular areas of the body, interspersed with breaks to give your body time to process, respond and rebalance as the treatment progresses.
I will always ask for a parent or carer to be present during any session for children under the age of 16 and vulnerable adults

How many Bowen sessions might I need?

It is found that 3-6 sessions are most beneficial, depending on your condition. Some clients, who present with mild symptoms, may obtain relief after only 1 or 2 sessions. Ideally, the first 3 sessions are within 4 weeks, thereafter most clients see me as they feel they need to. I tend to tell clients to listen to their body as they will learn to recognise when they need a top up maintenance treatment.

How does Bowen work

Developed in the 1950’s by Australian, Tom Bowen. It is a highly specific hands on body therapy.

In Bowen Therapy, as well as the muscles, we work on the fascia. Fascia is an important, highly mobile, connective tissue, which runs throughout your body. It is via the fascia that we address levels of tension and discomfort.

Though a series of anatomically placed moves we purposefully move the fascia to stimulate or relax muscle and nerve fibres in order ensure the body is well balanced and working in harmony with itself. Once structure is balanced function is optimised.

The Bowen Technique is one of the most fascinating bodywork therapies available. During many body work therapies the focus is often on full contact from a therapist to a patient, whether it is an adjustment, massage, manipulation, muscle stretching or machines.

Bowen however, focuses on something much more subtle, the practitioner is giving the body information and space to allow remind the body and brain of its own self healing ability.

Is Bowen safe for pregnant mothers and babies?

The wonderful thing about Bowen Therapy is that it has no limitations on age. A gentle and safe treatment, Bowen Therapy can help maintain health and relaxation for both mother and baby.

For expectant mothers, the process of pregnancy and childbirth puts tremendous stresses and strains on Bowen can help to enhance recovery. Babies are able to have Bowen therapy within a day or so after birth. It is a very gentle treatment and babies respond very well.

Many expectant mothers have discovered Bowen Therapy during pregnancy and have continued it after the birth of their child; both mother and baby become Bowen clients.

In my practice I do not charge for children under 5 years old who’s parents are my clients.

Bowen in Sports?

A growing number of top athletes are discovering that regular Bowen therapy sessions enhances performance and reduces the risk of injury. Then, when injury does occur, (especially soft tissue damage), Bowen can bring rapid relief and a quick return to their sport.

Some of my clients are national and international athletes who appreciate the efficacy of Bowen sessions for speed of recovery post competition and for maintaining their top class performance.

Let’s find out how we can work together

Canine Bowen Technique

A highly effective, gentle, soft tissue modality that helps the dogs body rebalance. With the aim of encouraging the reduction of physical aches and pains, increasing mobility and enhancing feelings of well-being

Working with dogs is a passion of mine, the work is very subtle and offers the dog the opportunity to maintain control over the session and how each session is received. I may offer lifestyle and exercise advice as part of the session provided.

Canine Bowen Technique is not a substitute/replacement for normal veterinary care, but rather is complementary to it.

Conditions I see regularly in clinic which have responded well to Bowen include:

  • Back pain problems
  • Arthritis & degenerative conditions
  • Age related discomfort or anxiety
  • Muscular sprains & strains
  • Lameness and gait issues
  • Hip & elbow dysplasia
  • Allergies & skin conditions
  • Stress & anxiety issues
  • Breed specific conditions
  • Chronic disease



What is Canine Bowen Technique?

Canine Bowen Technique is a soft-tissue remedial technique involving ‘light-touch’ moves of fingers or thumbs over muscle, ligament, tendon and/or fascia at specific points of the dog’s body. The work is very subtle and involves no hard or prolonged pressure. It offers dogs a gentle, non-invasive and effective hands-on technique that aims to promote healing, pain-relief and body/energy rebalancing.

Canine Bowen Technique is a holistic technique therefore treats the body as a whole, without referral to named disease. So I do not treat the veterinary-diagnosed disease or condition, but look at the dog, as I see him or her, on the day.

How do I personally work with dogs?

For me the power of Canine Bowen Technique lies in the conversation between myself and the dog. They live day to day in their body, they know how their body feels to them better than any human ever can. When a dog is given agency over their own body and space to start to express how they feel about themselves a healing starts to occur.

As Canine Bowen Technique practitioners we sign an agreement to:-

  • To listen and work in partnership with the dog.
  • Create a relationship of trust to maximise the effect of the session.
  • Never forcing or bribe a Canine Bowen Technique session on a dog.
  • Using a holistic approach to session.
  • Working collaboratively with the vets in the best interests of the dog.
  • Recognising that dogs are a separate species and have their own needs and requirements.
  • Canine Bowen Technique is not a substitute/replacement for normal veterinary care, but rather is complementary to it.
What to expect when I bring my dog to an appointment

The dog leads the session, no prodding, poking or pulling of joints, no holding your dog to “work on this bit”, no distracting your dog with treats, or bribing them for a false consent to treat. I offer them touch and they are in charge of the whole process as to wheather they decide to accept the touch or not and where they wish to accept touch.

You will be with me in the room for an hour whilst I get to know more about your dog and their history from you, this gives them a chance to settle into the environment and relax from the journey. As Canine Bowen Technique involves a lot of trust between dog and practitioner it can take a few sessions for the dog to learn how I work and what the Bowen moves will feel like.

The actual amount of time I offer hands on to your dog will vary from dog to dog. Some are like a sponge and want 20 minutes others are happier with just a few minutes. Like human Bowen, using fingers and thumbs on precise points on the dog’s body, I offer gentle rolling movements over soft tissue (muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia, and skin). Then I offer the dog space to take breaks and process and rebalance. Experienced Bowen dogs will determine their own breaks as they know how the session works. Most dogs will come and go during the session and are clear about when they have had enough.

Over the following 3-4 days the dog may experience reactions as its body continues to assimilate the effects of the Canine Bowen Technique moves and realigns/rebalances itself. The average number of sessions required to obtain noticeable change is between 1 to 3 sessions.

Where necessary I may offer lifestyle and exercise advice to support the effects of the Canine Bowen Technique.

My dog is not limping or old so would it benefit from a session

My aim is to facilitate the dog’s own resources so that it can determine how to heal itself. In this respect, Canine Bowen Technique can be beneficial for any physical, or emotional issues, likewise it can also be a fantastic way of supporting general health and well-being. I offer my pet dogs a regular session just as part of their general maintenance and well-being for health.

Many people come to Canine Bowen Technique for its remedial effects for either; older, working or competition dogs. However I also recommend using Canine Bowen Technique as a maintenance and prevention modality for all dogs to enhance their general health and keep their body in optimum balance.

My dog is nervous of strangers

I specialise in working with nervous or touch sensitive dogs. Together we work to build confidence, we do not use bribes to win affection rather work in teaching the dog they have control of their body. Once they understand this often even the most fearful dog begins to enjoy their sessions. I offer a free discovery phone call to establish if I may be able to help your dog.

Are there any side effects to Canine Bowen Technique

The main side effects are a relaxed, even sleepy dog, a dog who seems happier and looks softer in their body.

Let’s find out how we can work together

Choosing a therapist is a very difficult decision to make. You might have already talked to many experts, and tried many different therapies … without success.

Mainstream medicine doesn’t have all the answers. Homeopathy and Bowen Therapy might be able to help you when all other treatments have failed.

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