Case Studies


If you’re reading this you are very fortunate as not everyone is blessed with the opportunity to know about Clare and the marvellous range of therapies she offers.

Jim, my 16 year old Jack Russell Terrier began his journey with Clare during the spring of 2023.

Jim started to have difficulty walking caused by weakness in his hind legs. Gradually, our daily one hour walk began to reduce as Jim would quite often just stop and not want to walk any further. His walking progressively declined and then early one morning he was crying in pain unable to move his hind legs.

An urgent visit to the vets ensued and I was told Jim had degenerative spinal issues so strong painkillers were prescribed.


As the painkillers were not addressing the root cause, I arranged for Jim to have physiotherapy. Unfortunately, the sessions were very restrictive due to his age and given the very high cost per session, I decided it was not worthwhile.

Remembering successful canine Bowen sessions from years past with a previous pet dog, I instinctively knew that this therapy would probably benefit Jim. So, the search was on for a Bowen therapist who treated dogs.

Canine Bowen therapists are few and far between but I struck lucky and found Clare. Within a few days Jim was having his first session.

Sure enough, the Bowen began to have instant positive effect and over three sessions his legs and mobility improved. He also appeared to be in less pain.

In order to keep Jim comfortable, I arrange regular top up sessions. Now, this is where things get interesting. Whilst Bowen has it’s benefits it can be enhanced further by
laser therapy and homeobotanicals both offered by Clare. The combination is very powerful and Jim now benefits from all three.

For me, it’s important that Jim has a decent quality of life in his later years. I know his time is limited but whatever time he has, I know that Clare’s sessions will help provide that quality.

Caring for elderly and sick dogs doesn’t have to entirely depend on vets as I have found. Whilst vets have their important role, the complementary therapies provided by Clare go that extra step further and give pets real benefit and comfort.


Let’s find out how we can work together

Choosing a therapist is a very difficult decision to make. You might have already talked to many experts, and tried many different therapies … without success.

Mainstream medicine doesn’t have all the answers. Homeopathy and Bowen Therapy might be able to help you when all other treatments have failed.


This lovely older lady came to see me with sever arthritic issues and back legs that were not working very well. She was carried into the room. The vet had suggested the dog probably would not walk again and may remain incontinent but was happy for the owner to give it a go.

Over a period of a few weeks I offered her short gentle Bowen sessions (and the superpulsed laser I also have access to through via my Chiropractor husband). With the aim of helping her body rebalance, the spasms and inflammation to reduce, and the spinal vetebra and disks to resume their correct structural purpose.

Gradually she went from being dubious about being to be touched due to the discomfort she was in. To getting delightfully bossy telling me exactly where she would like the Bowen moves on her body, how long for and when she had finished the session and would like to go home.
For me the beauty of Canine Bowen technique is watching the dog realise they actually have autonomy over the whole session. They start and end the session and dictate the breaks, Im sure part of the healing occurs as a result of this conversation with the dog. I also educated her owner in how to offer “family members” homeopathic support so that she may help her dog herself.
After just a few sessions this lady was walking unaided, continent, and her back is no longer a pain issue. She still enjoys regular maintenance sessions to help her body stay in tip top condition as she ages.

Let’s find out how we can work together

Choosing a therapist is a very difficult decision to make. You might have already talked to many experts, and tried many different therapies … without success.

Mainstream medicine doesn’t have all the answers. Homeopathy and Bowen Therapy might be able to help you when all other treatments have failed.


This boy highlights the side effects of Canine Bowen. A good sleep then perky and bright eyed. People often say their reactive or nervous dogs seem calmer and less reactive with Bowen

From my dog’s first meeting with Clare, it was clear she understood him, and him her! As I watched Clare, I realised she was taking her cues from him. Instead of treatment being done to him, she allowed him to ask for her touch, in the places he wanted, with extraordinary results. My dog, a King Charles Spaniel, is getting on, has arthritis in all his big joints and has had 3 strokes over the last 6 months. With Bowen, his gait and posture have improved. He responds on many levels to this approach to Bowen – after a treatment, and after that initial sleep, he is more perky and bright-eyed with a spring in his step! Lovely to see! I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Clare’s Bowen.



How Homeopathy Helped Me

This is a personal story of how Homeopathy helped me, many years ago.

We lived on Exmoor at one point with a couple of horses, one of whom, Darcy was the horse love of my life. As you can see from the photo it was a while ago now.
One night Darcy became ill, It was March on Exmoor so still cold at night, the kind of cold that stings your cheeks. I stayed up with him all night out in the field keeping him company. I sang to him to keep me awake, we walked around and periodically rested whilst we awaited the vets frequent visits over night. On some level I knew he would not make it so chose to stay with him in the field all night. In the morning he was taken to the hospital where he sadly died.
On the day he died I noticed my face was quite burned from the cold wind but thought nothing of it, applied some nice soothing cream and carried on.
9 months later the red skin was getting worse and had spread all over the top half of my body. Nothing helped it and nothing soothed it, I tried everything and anything on the market that could help sooth sore skin, from diets to lotions. A visit to the Dr suggested Lupus. By this time I was starting to feel quite poorly and exhausted, my skin was sore all the time and looked horrible and red. I had a new job and was wearing a lot of make up to cover the horrible red rash and was even at the point of not allowing my husband to see my horrible body. At night even the sheets would make my skin sore.
Eventually I decided that perhaps I should see a homeopath, after all, I used homeopathy for my animals, why not myself. I had tried everything else. To say I was somewhat sceptical is an understatement but nothing else was working so I may as well give it a go.

To this day I feel lucky, she prescribed a remedy that changed my life over night. I went to bed with my usual skin care routine to try and aid my red sore skin. In the morning I looked in the mirror and my skin had changed colour, it was not sore. From that point forward over a period of a week my skin healed and became a non sore, healthy pink colour. My life was changed forever.

I am eternally grateful to the wonderful homeopath who eventually, 13 years later, became my supervisor as I trained to become a homeopath myself.