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Clare Hunter

My Approach

Personally, I have found it very hard to recognise that my body was always doing its best to help me, especially as it felt like the opposite at times. Now I have come to understand and appreciate that my body is always doing its best in each situation I put it.  I want to help other people to discover the same. I do now firmly believe: where there is life there is always potential to improve the quality of life. 

To that end I love working alongside people and animals, exploring the possibility of change in a physical, mental or emotional situation.  It is important that every person or animal I work with has the opportunity to be listened to, recognised and heard.  After all, we are all experts in our own experience of life.  I empower those I work with to have greater faith in their bodies ability, and desire to heal. 

I am Clare, a specialist in Homeopathy and Bowen Therapy

I am passionate about working with people and animals to assist them on their journey towards increased health, well-being and energy.  I aim to offer people a safe and supportive space in which they can feel heard and understood, in which ever modality I work. I love learning about people and what makes them their unique selves: their story, their history and how they experience their lives. 

My own health journey from chronic pain and illness has involved both Homeopathy and Bowen with great success.  So much so I changed career from being a dementia care consultant to training as first a Bowen Practitioner and then a Homeopath.  Through Bowen I work with people and their pets, through homeopathy I legally have to work with people although I can educate people how to support the wellness of their own family pets.

I live on a small holding in North Devon with my Chiropractor husband, our pet dogs, horses and various animals.  We primarily have used holistic therapy with our human and animal family for the past 18 years with tremendous success.  If I am not looking after the animals I am often found exploring the country side with either a dog or a horse.

I cover a wide area of North Devon, and North Cornwall. So if you have a need for Homeopathy, or Bowen Therapy, contact me. Homeopathy can be conducted in person, or via Zoom.

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