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I am Clare, a specialist in Homeopathy and Bowen Therapy

I am passionate about working with people and animals to assist them on their journey towards increased health, well-being and energy. A former competitive horse rider and dementia care consultant I became interested in Bowen when I had aches and pains that would not respond to any other treatments. Bowen resolved them for me.
I became fascinated with homeopathy many years ago when mainstream medicine failed to help me with my health issues. Homeopathy changed my life, since then I have personally witnessed on many occasions the amazing efficacy of homeopathy on people and animals. It was these life changing experiences that lead me to train to become a homeopath. One of the best decisions of my life!

I live with my husband and our animals on a small holding in North Devon where we use homeopathy and Bowen for ourselves and our animals. It is a regular event to be standing in a field offering an elderly pet sheep some Bowen or homeopathic remedies.

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Clare takes Bowen treatments to a whole new level. She has a real capacity to listen to my dog and respond in a way that he seems to appreciate. After the first treatment his coat had a new shine and he had a whole new level of self confidence. After three treatments he is moving so much better, looks so well and now loves to play.

Mrs Y

From my dog's first meeting with Clare, it was clear she understood him, and him her! As I watched Clare, I realised she was taking her cues from him. Instead of treatment being done to him, she allowed him to ask for her touch, in the places he wanted, with extraordinary results. My dog, a King Charles Spaniel, is getting on, has arthritis in all his big joints and has had 3 strokes over the last 6 months. With Bowen, his gait and posture have improved. He responds on many levels to this approach to Bowen - after a treatment, and after that initial sleep, he is more perky and bright-eyed with a spring in his step! Lovely to see! I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Clare's Bowen.


We call you magic hands. Thank you for keeping us all on the road and competing fit. I don’t know what we would do without you.

Miss B

Despite my initial scepticism I have noticed more available movement in my shoulder and the pain has also decreased

Dr D.S.

Thank you my neck is sorted out, no more pain, headaches gone. Amazing thanks

Miss G.

As a runner my performance levels have improved using Bowen initially post injury and now as maintenance. Thanks Clare

Mrs W.

Thank you Clare, after months of no improvement during physio and the only other option being surgery I was persuaded to try Bowen. I am amazed that you have managed to help me so much. I am pain free and no longer need an operation. I am so grateful to you.”

Mrs F.