Brilliant Homeopathic First Aid remedies for Growing Pains in Children and Young Animals

March 30, 2024

Calcarea Phosphorica

Number one growing pains remedy!

For the fast growing child who is tall and slender.  They will complain of aches in their legs caused by such rapid growth.

Feelings of restlessness; tingling or crawling sensation

Cramps in calves

Sensation of being beaten; bruised aching with weariness

Can also feel pains in the arms

They feel worse for drafts, cold wind; cold damp or cold air; Weather changes; and getting wet, and in Winter.

They are helped by: warm, dry; lying down and in Spring.

Growing pains can be seasonal.

Magnesium Phosphorica

This child is normally outgoing when they feel ok. Complain of pains that change places from the legs then thighs, from side to side.

The pain is cramping and moves around

It comes in exhausting waves.

They feel worse from the cold, and at night everything feels much worse.

They feel better for pressure on the affected limb, warmth and hot baths

Hot baths can help with growing pains.


This child complains show signs of the feeling of constriction or tighness.  It feels like their muscles are too short for their limbs.  Pain may radiate from the thighs to the knees.

They feel worse for the cold damp weather, from exertion and heat

They feel better from localised pressure and cold applications.

(PS this is also a handy tonsillitis remedy!)


This child wants company but is irritable with said company.  They complain of gnawing, tearing pains that come on suddenly and feel deep in the marrow of the bone. They may also be itchy.

The pain causes cramping in calves and soles of the feet. There are cold spots on the calves and the pain increases and decreases gradually

They feel worse from cold air, drafts, weather changes, walking, sitting, in the evening and at night in bed.

They feel better for heat, light and open air.

Agaricus Muscarius

This child complains of pain like ice cold needles especially in the front of the lower leg.  They are shooting stitching pains.

They will be uncoordinated and show sensory/ motor problems and awkward gait.

In the evenings they will be quite restless.

They feel worse form cold air, standing and sitting, they feel chilly.

They feel better from gentle motion like walking

Giving these remedies when needed during times of rapid growth can help both alleviate pains but also ensure healthy appropriate growth.

Things to note about these remedies:

Do not to over give these remedies for any length of time, the same with all homeopathy, less is more. Use sensibly.

If it seems like they are not helping get professional advice from a homeopath as a more detailed approach may be required.    

Or if you are unsure when to use these remedies, contact a homeopath for advice.